FAQ: Where are my newly enrolled students' accounts?

If your school is using SMS-LMS Interoperability, and you notice that some student accounts or details are missing in Ultranet, chances are their data has not been sent through.

The two most common reasons for this are:

  1. These students are missing a National Student ID (NSN) in the SMS. If this value is not present, they will be excluded from the batch sync and so their files will not be generated.

    If their files are not generated and sent to Ultranet, then technically Ultranet doesn't even know these student exist.

    So make sure that the NSN is entered in your SMS for all affected students.

  2. A full batch sync has not been initiated. To minimise traffic and resource overloading, the SMS does not always generate a complete batch and will only send partial changes instead.

    However, at rollover time where there are massive changes to the user base, it is best to force a full batch sync in your SMS. That way, all data will be re-synchronised, which will ensure new accounts are also included in the batch.

    Consult your SMS's support material or contact your SMS vendor if you are not sure how to trigger a full batch sync.

If you have checked both these troubleshooting steps and are still missing students or other data, then please get in contact with us by logging a ticket.

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