FAQ: How do I force an interop batch in eTAP after a failed batch?

At times a batch can be rejected by Ultranet if the information coming through in the batch is incorrect or the batch itself is corrupt. This causes the batch to 'hang' and clog the batch processing system. To get interoperability working again, the batch must be cleared from within eTAP.

To do this you will need to:

  1. Log into eTAP with an administrator account.

  2. Click on SMS-LMS administration button on the menu screen.

  3. On the page presented find buttons to "clear pending batch at eTAP" and "clear pending batch at Ultranet FTP". Click on each button.

  4. At each click, a window should show progress of the deletion process.

  5. Once this deletion is completed, click on the "controls" tab at top of the page.

  6. Once on the controls tab, confirm that synchronization is enabled. If you see a button to "re-enabled synchronization", then click on it to complete the process. If the button is not present, your synchronization is working correctly.

  7. Click on "force full update to LMS" button.

  8. Authenticate with your username and password.

  9. A pop up window should now show you progress of the upload process. Once this shows that the process is completed, click on close.

To confirm that the process has been successful, click on the status tab and you should be able to see the two buttons required to clear batches here again.

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