Uploading SMS reports/timetables/ID photos manually

Modified on Jul-08 2011
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This article has been subsequently updated from the original to reflect alterations or functionality added in a recent Ultranet software upgrade.

If the instructions or functionality described below do not appear to match your Ultranet site, it may need to be upgraded to the latest build. If so, please ask your Ultranet administrator to contact us.

With SMS-LMS Interoperability integration enabled, the option is available to import student reports, timetables and ID photos straight from the SMS. However, not all SMS vendors can support this aspect of the schema. Fortunately, there is a way to manually upload these into the Parent Portal area in bulk.

The format used for uploading these files is a standard compressed ZIP archive containing the relevant PDF/image files (for help on creating ZIP archives, check this article). Within the archive, each file to be uploaded must be titled with the corresponding student's SMS ID—this is what is used to map the files and automate the sorting.

Tip: The global 30 MB restriction for uploaded files still applies on this section of the Administration panel. So if your reports or photos are 'print quality' (i.e. several megabytes in size as opposed to kilobytes), your ZIP archive may end up being too big to upload.

In such cases, either compress the original files before zipping them up, or create several ZIP archives for the lot—each no larger than about 25 MB.

Once you have prepared the ZIP archive(s):

  1. Sign in as an administrator and navigate to Administration > Gateway Services.

  2. Select the "Import Student Media" tab from the top.


  3. In the resulting screen, you will see three sections: one each for uploading reports, timetables and/or photos in bulk using ZIP archives. 


    Under the relevant section, provide a description (reports/timetables only) for the file being uploaded (e.g. "Term 2 Reports" or "Semester 1 Timetable"). Next, browse for and select the ZIP archive from your file system.

  4. Finally, click the "Upload" button to send the ZIP archive to Ultranet for processing. Ultranet will unpack the archive when received, and the files sent to the respective student's profiles using the SMS ID (which should be the filename).

Purging reports/timetables/photos

Should you wish to clear out all uploaded files (e.g. at rollover time going into a new school year, or if some reports/files are now obsolete), there is a 'purge' function included that will drop all the files from the store.

    1. Sign in as an administrator and navigate to Administration > Gateway Services.

    2. Select the "Import Student Media" tab from the top.

    3. Scroll down to the relevant section (reports, timetables or pictures), then click the corresponding "Purge All" button.


Note: If your Ultranet site is actually synchronising reports/timetables/photos from the SMS, then even if you purge them from this panel, all items may get re-uploaded at the next batch sync.
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