Activating student accounts created via SMS-LMS Interoperability

Students can be notified by email (if recorded in the SMS) of their new Ultranet account details. This can be done by following these steps:

  1. Export a CSV file from Ultranet to include only student accounts.

  2. Either leave column D blank (if you wish Ultranet to create a random password), or populate it with a password for each student.

  3. Save and re-import the altered CSV file.  On the import options page, select the following:

    • Add new users and update existing users

    • Update password

    • Email passwords for new accounts and accounts with updated passwords (if any).

This will reset the users passwords and trigger an email be sent to them.

Teachers are also able to change passwords for individuals if they are a member of a group associated to the teachers Virtual Classroom.  To do this teachers need to:

  • Click on the Edit Page icon in the top right hand corner of the page

  • Select ‘View Class List’

  • Select the ’Reset Password’ option next to the students name.

Students with no email address 

The email field is mandatory within Ultranet.  If the user does not have an email address in your SMS, when the user profile is created in Ultranet a default one is assigned to it.  This default email address is set within the Gateway Services > SMS-LMS Interoperability Gateway > Email Notification settings section. We recommend that, when a student doesn’t have a valid email address, a generic email address is used for them such as (which should already be set up within the school) so that emails are re-directed to a monitored address. 

New student accounts

When a new account is created, if the Email Notifications for Students is set to ‘TRUE’, then the student will be informed of their password as long as they have a valid email address.  If not then the password will need to be created either manually by a teacher or administrator, or by exporting a CSV file and re-importing the relevant users and selecting the tick boxes detailed above.

Forgotten passwords 

If a student has forgot their password and they don’t have an email address that they can access set up on the SMS (and hence Ultranet), then they cannot reset their password, and would need to speak to a teacher or administrator who can reset it for them.

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