Activating parent/caregiver accounts created via SMS-LMS Interoperability

Importing parent email addresses from the SMS

Once the parent/caregiver email addresses have been updated within the SMS, the amended details will be displayed within Ultranet once the next upload of batch files has occurred (a 'Full Upload' from the SMS may be required at this point).

Triggering the automatic password notification

Once the parent/caregiver email addresses have been updated in Ultranet, new passwords will need to be generated and account details communicated to these users.  This is done by carrying out the following actions:

  1. Export a CSV file of parent accounts in Ultranet.

  2. Save and re-import this file (without amending it), and check the following boxes on the Import Options Screen:

    • Add new users and update existing users

    • Update password

    • Email passwords for new accounts and accounts with updated passwords.


    Once the CSV validates and uploads, email notifications will be sent to the parents/caregivers containing their access details.

  3. Once this has been carried out ensure the option to email parents and caregivers their logon details is set to ‘True’. This option is found under Administration > Gateway Services > Email Notification Settings.


Note: Setting this to True will ensure that when any future parent/caregiver accounts are created, an email with their logon details will automatically be sent. This will only occur if their correct email address is recorded within the SMS.

Avoiding existing user reactivation when creating accounts in batches

If a gradual rollout of account details to parents/caregivers is preferred, a record will need to be kept of which have had their passwords reset and sent out to them. This will ensure that the next time this process is carried out for the next cohort, the original parent group don't get their passwords reset again by accident.

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