Using data exported from MUSAC edge to create user accounts in Ultranet

Musac edge now has built-in export files which generate the data Ultranet schools need to create their CSV files. In edge, the files can be accessed from Enrolments > Students > Student Lists. The three files can be downloaded individually or altogether as a ZIP file.


  1. Student Detail file

    This contains the student’s first and last name, email address, ID number, school year and a list of classes that the student belongs to.

  2. Caregiver Detail file

    This contains the parent/caregiver’s first name and last name, email address and ID number.

    Note: These files cannot be directly imported into Ultranet. The data they contain is used as a starting point for creating a CSV file using the format Ultranet requires. In addition to the Musac data, the Ultranet CSV file needs additional columns for ‘Account Type’ (column C), ‘Passwords’ (column D) and for ‘Usernames’(column F). Also note that he Ultranet CSV file has no header row.

    Instructions for preparing the Ultranet CSV file can be found here.


  3. Caregiver Child Mapping

    This file contains a list of all the parent/caregiver IDs in column A. The columns to the right of this (i.e. B,C,D etc.) contain the IDs of the children who belong to each parent/caregiver.

    When all the user accounts have been created the Caregiver-Child mapping file can be imported into Ultranet. The only pre-import adjustment needed is to remove the header row so that the CSV file contains only the ID numbers.

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