Profanity Filter (Ultranet 2.4)

Once configured, the Profanity Filter in Ultranet has the ability to scan content posted by all users for any uses of profane language and expletives (or anything as defined within a customisable wordbank). Administrators have the ability to configure which content sources are scanned by the filter, as well as being able to specify if matched results are reported to an online log or to the abuse moderator email address.

Note: The abuse moderator email address is configured under Administration > uSpace Config > Settings.

Setting up the Profanity Filter

Firstly, you will need to define the wordbank from which the filters are to base their scans on. Instructions on settings this up can be found in this article

Next, you'll need to enable what content sources are to be scanned and where to report the results:

  1. Navigate to Module Management > Configure Modules, then scroll down to the "Profanity Filter" section. Click the "Configure" link towards the right to open the settings panel.


  2. In the subsequent pop-up window, review the different sources which can be scanned for profanity.


    For each item you wish to scan, click the corresponding checkbox to select if you would like results to be added just to the Profanity Filter Log, just to the abuse moderator email address, or both.

  3. Once your selections have been made, click "Close". Scanning of the selected sources takes effect immediately.

Reviewing items in the Profanity Filter Log

If you have selected to log results in Ultranet in the configuration page above, then these results will appear under Administration > Profanity Filter > Profanity Filter Log.

The Profanity Filter Log presents a chronological display of any message, post or content submission that contains a match with the wordbank list. The user who submitted the content is listed first, followed by the timestamp and message extract, and finally the source module where the content was submitted.


To view the content in context, simply click the source link towards the right of each log item (e.g. "Inbox", "uSpace", "Wiki", etc). Depending on the material, you will either be taken to the actual page or shown the content within a contextual window.

Should an entry be a 'false-positive' (i.e. erroneously logged as profanity), you can delete the log entry by hovering over the item and clicking the Trash icon towards the right.


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