Ultranet 2.4: Enabling/disabling mobile access for users

The Ultranet Mobile app allows users to access Ultranet from a compatible mobile device and directly integrate with their personal account. Although the user can download the app onto their device at any time, they will not be able to sign in to it unless they have had their Mobile Access enabled by an Administrator.

Note: In order for the following settings to take effect, you must ensure that the Mobile Access module is enabled under Module Management and that your school's Mobile Integration subscription has been enabled (contact us if you are not sure about this).

Enable Mobile Access per user

Mobile Access is enabled on a per-user basis via User Admin:

  1. Navigate to User Admin and search for the user in question. Once located, click to bring up his/her details.

  2. On the subsequent "View User" tab, go to the services switchboard located below the user's profile picture and flip the "Mobile Access" switch.


    Once the action is confirmed, the user will immediately be able to sign in to Ultranet Mobile from their device.

Enabling Mobile Access in bulk

Should you require to bulk enable Mobile Access for several users at once, an option has been included under Group Admin:

  1. Navigate to Group Admin and search for the group of users you want to enable Mobile Access for. Once found, click on the group to bring up its details.

  2. In the subsequent "View Group" tab, scroll to the bottom and locate the Mobile Access toggle.


    Click "Enable" to activate the Mobile Access functionality for all students in the group. All users will be updated immediately.

Note: The Group option buttons are triggers to initiate a bulk command on all the listed users. As such, it does not reflect the current enabled/disabled state for users. Therefore, if some users in the group already had Mobile Access enabled, they will be unaffected by this button triggering (i.e. they will remain enabled).

Resetting app access for a user

Because the Ultranet Mobile app is designed to be used on a personal device and not rely on a web browser, authentication settings operate differently than on the desktop. As such, should a user's mobile device get lost or stolen, and the Ultranet Mobile app was left signed in, there is a risk that the user's personal data could be compromised.

Therefore, to terminate a user's mobile device sessions (i.e. force a sign out from all devices):

  1. Navigate to User Admin and search for the user in question. Once located, click to bring up his/her details.

  2. On the subsequent "View User" tab, click on the Tools icon towards the top-right and select the "Reset app access" option.


    Once the action is confirmed, all open Ultranet Mobile sessions that the user may have across any mobile device will be terminated.

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