Skin Themes: Changing the appearance of your Ultranet site

By default, all Ultranet sites are installed and set up with a generic 'appearance'—i.e. the page background, the colours and so on. This is basically what all users end up seeing when they visit the site.


This is basically known as the Skin Theme. In essence, this is the 'frame' that sits around the page content of all your Ultranet pages. A broad visual representation of this would be something like the following image, where the red area represents the Skin Theme, and the green area represents the Page Content:


Schools often have their Skin Theme customised to include their school logo, brand colours, photos of the school and so on. This results in an Ultranet site that is more personalised and customised to your school.

Here are some examples:

The design and development of a custom skin for each Ultranet website is undertaken by our approved graphic design partners, as there is a fair amount of technical understanding required in order to ensure that designs are compatible with the Ultranet application framework. They also ensure that files are supplied in the correct format for our engineers to apply to seamlessly.

The time required to complete each skin varies according to the clarity of the brief, the degree of complexity involved, the usability of the graphical components provided by the school, and the number of iterations in the feedback and adjustment loop.

Skin Theme development is charged on an hourly basis ($80/hr) with a minimum of 2.5 hours required for a simple theme design.

How do I get this done for my site?

To assist with the customisation of the banner and theme, please provide a clear design brief explaining the intended effect or look desired. You may want to refer to an existing school design above as a starting point.

Additionally, the following items will be helpful:

  • School specific branding

  • Official School Colours

  • Any photography / illustrations that best portray the vision of the school

  • Any specific fonts used in the Brand Material (font name is fine)

  • A guide to the main objective or vision of the school

Whilst not all of the above items are necessary, the more materials and guidance provided will help ensure a professional site design that meets your expectations, and also minimises rework costs.

Once you have the files and instructions assembled, simply send them through to us at or create a new support ticket.

Note: Please provide all images in .jpg, .tiff, .png or .eps format if possible.

Non-image formats such as .doc, .docx or .pdf are not suitable file formats to use for skin material. Please also avoid supplying low-resolution or pixelated images—these will only make your finished site design look cheap!

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