Adding custom site 'Terms of Use' and 'Privacy Policy'

For schools who use Ultranet as their website, or have any substantial level of public pages with content, it may be worth inserting a 'Terms of Use' statement to protect the usage and distribution of content that is shared on your site. Additionally, because your site will have a lot of public and authenticated users accessing it, a 'Privacy Policy' may be required to protect their rights and acknowledge what is being tracked.

Rather than placing either of these documents on a standard WebSpace page, there is an option to inject these into the page footer (which renders across all WebSpace and ClassSpace pages). Here's how:

  1. Sign in as an administrator and navigate to Administration > General Config.

  2. Scroll down to the "Terms of Use & Privacy Policy" section. Here you will see two parameters for specifying either document.


    To edit either one, click on its corresponding "Edit" link towards the right.

  3. In the resulting pop-up, a page editor can be used to craft or paste in the wording of the document.


    Once formatted to suit, click the "Update" button at the bottom to save changes.

The Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy will now be accessible from your site's footer.


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