Relabel existing group name (Administration)

On some occasions, the need may arise to change an Ultranet group's name (e.g. due to a typo or to make an unintelligible SMS naming code more user-friendly). Administrators can perform this function directly under Group Admin, but there is also the option to allow teachers to relabel groups themselves.

NB: Where groups are being created via csv import (rather than by SMS interoperability) is important to note that relabeling an existing group applies to the display name only, not to the database entry itself. If the new display name for the group is entered on to the csv file, Ultranet will create a new group as this will be a new entry in the database.

The two approaches are as follows:

Relabelling group names under Group Admin

  1. Go to Administration > Group Admin and search for the group to be relabelled, then click on the result to bring up its details.

  2. In the group details panel, hover over the current group title displayed along the top, then click on the 'edit' icon that appears beside the title.


  3. In the resulting pop-up window, enter the new label required and click "Rename Group" to save changes.

Enabling teachers to relabel group names

  1. Go to Administration > General Config, then scroll down to the "User Restrictions" section.

  2. Look for the 'Modifying Group Names' parameter, and click on the "Configure" button to the right to customise the default setting (i.e. teachers not allowed to modify group names).

  3. In the resulting pop-up window, select the level of access teachers have to relabel group names (i.e. only the groups they belong to, or all groups in the system).


    Once you have made your selection, click "Update" to save changes.

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