Google Analytics: Configuring Integration

Ultranet supports Google Analytics for in-depth and anonymous tracking of site usage statistics, which is a neat companion to the built-in Usage Statistics Administration panel.

Part One: On the Google side of things

To configure Google Analytics integration, you will first need to have an Analytics account enabled with Google. Detailed instructions on setting this up can be found on Google's online guide.

Once your Google Analytics account is set up, you will need to log in to the service and obtain your 'Tracking ID', which is a unique code for your account that will have a format similar to the following: "UA-0000000000-0". 

  1. Once logged in, click on the "Admin" link on the top-right menu.


  2. Next, click on the second tab on the menu that appears, labelled "Tracking Info".


  3. This will show your Tracking ID.


Part Two: On the Ultranet side of things

  1. Now we need to configure the Google Analytics properties in your Ultranet site. Firstly, log in as an Administrator and go to Administration > Module Management > Configure Modules.


  2. Under the "Google Analytics" section, go to the "Web Property ID" field and click the "Edit" link to the right to modify the value. Paste in here the Web Property ID obtained from Google in Part One above. 


    Click "Update" to save your changes.

  3. Google Analytics integration is now complete. By default, the Google tracker is automatically inserted into all WebSpace, ClassSpace pages and the uSpace Showcase page.

    To customise these tracking settings, go to Administration > Module Management > Enable/Disable Modules. Scroll down to the 'Google Analytics' listing, and uncheck the boxes for the area you wish to exclude.


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