Interpreting the site usage statistics

The usage statistics available to Ultranet administrators displays usage data for all user accounts accessing your Ultranet site.

Login Activity


Data is firstly displayed in a bar chart showing the number of users who have logged in during recent months. This data is broken down further underneath the graph to show the top 50 active users in the site. The “View details” link will display a list of log in times this month for that particular user to the right of the list of names. 

Clicking on the months or account types at the top of the graph will filter the results shown on the graph (for example, the image below shows use of Student accounts in March).


Time of Day

A second tab along the top of the page allows administrators to look at the time of day the site is being access, and again this can be filtered by month.


Using the cursor to hover over the graph will give further information.

Interpretting the data

This data will help schools understand how their LMS is being utilised within school and across the community. For example, the following questions could be raised and answered:

  • Which classes/teachers are most active?

  • Are all classes accessing the site in some form?

  • What time of day is the site most used?

  • Is the site used more during the school day, or beyond?

  • How many parents are accessing the Parent Portal?

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