FAQ: How can I suspend the uSpace account of one of my students?

If the need arises, a student's uSpace account can be immediately disabled.  This can be done one of two ways:

  • A teacher can use the View Class List screen in their ClassSpace area to disable (and enable) any uSpace of their class.


  • An administrator can search for the student in User Admin and slide the switch below their profile picture to activate.


Disabling a uSpace account, however, means that just that - no user has access to the uSpace account, not even teachers or administrators.  If an offending item has been placed in uSpace which needs inspecting by a teacher, a better option is to deactivate their Ultranet account temporarily whilst the incident is investigated.  Accounts can be deactivated by clicking on the 'Account is Active' link below the user's profile picture within User Admin. This will take immediate effect - if the student is still browsing the site it will log them out.

To activate the student's account again, search for the student in User Admin, remembering to tick the 'Disabled Accounts' box.  Looking at the student's details, click on the 'Account is disabled' link below the profile picture.


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