Import/Export - bulk deletion of users

Users can be removed from Ultranet in bulk using the CSV import. This process deletes their entire user record and all the files associated with the user within their uSpace profile.

As with the initial bulk creation or updating of users, you will require a formatted CSV file that contains the users to be deleted. Because these users are to be removed entirely, the only important field to have is the User ID in column F (i.e. group memberships can be empty).

To import the CSV file for processing, click on the Import Users tab. You will be prompted to browse for the file. Once the file has been located and selected, click [Import CSV] to proceed.

On the import options screen, click on the third option: “Delete existing users” then click [Next] to begin validating the CSV file.

Delete users

Following this, the list of users to be deleted will be shown under the “Delete” category. Final options to deselect users from this list can be performed here.

Otherwise, click [Next] to process the file and delete the users.

Warning: Deletion of accounts is non-reversible, and can only be undone through restoring the entire Ultranet application to a previous backup (if available). Therefore, please use this function with caution.

The fourth import option is to "Delete listed groups only".  This will take group names from column I onwards and remove them from Ultranet.  The users in those groups will not be deleted, just the group association.

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