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Modified on Jul-14 2011
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This article has been subsequently updated from the original to reflect alterations or functionality added in a recent Ultranet software upgrade.

If the instructions or functionality described below do not appear to match your Ultranet site, it may need to be upgraded to the latest build. If so, please ask your Ultranet administrator to contact us.

A full or partial list of all users within Ultranet can be generated and extracted in the CSV format. This file can then be used to review what accounts are in your user base, or amended with new data for updating users.

To export a user list in CSV from Ultranet:

  1. Sign in as an administrator and navigate to Administration > Import/Export.

  2. Select the "Export Users" tab.


  3. Next, under the "Export users and groups" section, you will see a series of selection checkboxes indicating what will be included in the export.


    You can use these checkbox filters to narrow down the export data (e.g. only export Teacher accounts or only export Year 12 and Year 13 Students).

  4. Once you have made your selection, click the "Export CSV" button to trigger the export process. Depending on the number of accounts you have selected for export, the CSV generation may take a few moments, but will either download automatically to your browser’s download folder or you will be prompted to save it to a defined location on your computer.

Note: For security reasons, the only data that cannot be retrieved is the user passwords. This value is stored in a hashed, secure format in the database and is therefore unretrievable.
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