Page Administration (ClassSpace)

The Page Admin panel in the Administration section is used to manage the Web and Class Pages in Ultranet. The interface includes options for creating and deleting individual pages, setting access rights and managing menu structures.

Creating and modifying Class Pages (online classrooms)

The second tab on this screen relates to Class Pages, i.e. online classrooms within ClassSpace.


To create a new Class Page click on [Create new Class Page] , and enter a title for the new page when prompted. This page will be created and added to the alphabetical list.

When Class Pages are created in this way (i.e not via interoperability or a CSV import), the default groups given access to the Class Page are Administrative_Staff (i.e. any user with an Administrator/Teacher account), Teachers & Students. In the majority of scenarios, this will need to be modified before the class page is used.

Viewing and modifying page details

To view an existing page’s details, click on the title of the page from the list.  The resulting pop-up window will display the page access settings, page template and title, and sub pages for that page.


The tabs along the top of this window allow you to:

  • View and amend page access. This screen displays a list of groups that currently have access (either View, or View & Edit Rights) to the page.  To add or modify a group's access settings, search for the group in the drop-down list below, toggle the 'Edit' checkbox accordingly, then click [Add group]. To remove a group from the acces list, simply hover over the group name and click the Trash icon.

  • View and amend page settings.  The page settings that can be amended here are the display template being used, and the page title.

  • View and amend subpages. A list of subpages (if any) are displayed here, and can be re-arranged or deleted. This is also the place to copy the access settings of the parent page down through all subpages.

  • Move the page. This setting gives the ability to move individual web pages, including sub pages, to a completely different menu branch. Guidance on this functionality can be found here.

  • Pages must always have at least one group attached to it.

  • Information about allowing parent access to ClassSpace areas can be found here.

Deleting a Class Page

To delete an existing page, search for or locate the relevant page. Once located, hover over the page title and click the Trash icon to the right. This will delete the entire page and all files/content stored within it. Class Pages will be sent to the Classes pending delete tab as a safety measure.

Restoring a Class Page

Class Pages that have been deleted are stored under the Classes pending delete tab.

To restore a Class Page, locate the relevant page or search for it using the search field provided. Once located, hover over the page title and click the Restore (house) icon to the right. This will restore the entire page and all files/content stored within it to its original location.


To permanently delete a Class Page, hover over the page title and click the Trash icon to the right. This will delete the entire page and all files/content stored within it.

Note: If restoring a class page whose parent pages have also been deleted, those parent pages will also be restored since page access is dependent on those.
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