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Modified on Jan-6 2012
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This article has been subsequently updated from the original to reflect alterations or functionality added in a recent Ultranet software upgrade.

If the instructions or functionality described below do not appear to match your Ultranet site, it may need to be upgraded to the latest build. If so, please ask your Ultranet administrator to contact us.

In situations where the Ultranet user database isn't controlled by the school's SMS software, maintaining and updating users for a new school year is performed via the CSV import function. This guide provides an exemplar approach to this task.

Part 1: Removing non-returning students

The first task is to generate a list of all non-returning users (i.e. all Year 6, 8 or 13 students depending on the type of school). A list of users in a particular year group can be created easily from the Export Users function (Administraton > Import/Export). Use the filters to narrow down the users selected before exporting the CSV to your computer (click on the green squares to deselect that option).


Note: Column D (the password field) will be blank, as this is a secure data field that is not extractable from Ultranet.

Re-import this CSV file into Ultranet in the Administration > Import/Export window, under the Import Users tab. Choose the third option, selecting: “Delete existing users”.


These users will now be deleted from the Ultranet user accounts database.

Part 2: Updating existing users / adding new users

Next, you will need to export the fresh list of users from your Student Management System (SMS) with their current classes (the export will include previously enrolled students in their new year level and classes, as well as newly enrolled students).

This information will usually need to be formatted in Excel first to match the column sequence required within Ultranet (refer to this page for guidance).

Note: When formatting this sheet, remember that the user ID column (column F) is the unique identifier for each user. Changing this effectively creates a new account – so to retain user data from year to year, the same user ID must be used.

Importing the new user list

Once the new CSV file has been created, you will need to send this data into Ultranet.

  1. Re-import this CSV file into Ultranet in the Administration > Import/Export window, under the Import Users tab. Choose the second option (“Add new users and update existing users”), and deselect any checkboxes for items you do not wish to update (e.g. passwords, SMS ID).

  2. Click [NEXT] and follow the on-screen prompts to process the CSV file and update the remaining user accounts.

This process will update all the group memberships as you have indicated in the edited CSV file. Unless you choose to manually delete them, all the previous groups and virtual classes will still exist in the Ultranet database, as they may both be re-used, but with different users attached.

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