Initial set up guidance

We have detailed below the different aspects of the Ultranet setup that, in addition to completing the setup form here, will need to be undertaken by yourselves in order that your Ultranet site can be set up in a timely manner.

Email Accounts

Three email accounts and mailboxes will need to be set up on the school's mail server:
This is used in situations where a user does not have an email address (e.g. in some schools, students are not issued with individual email accounts). Ultranet can be configured to send the initial password confirmation and subsequent password changes to this generic mailbox for reference if required.
This is used to receive all reported incidences of abuse within Ultranet. Most mail systems can be configured to forward a copy of any items in this inbox to the mailbox of specific staff members (e.g. Deputy Principal).
This is used as a 'Sent From' address for all automated emails generated from Ultranet.

SMS-LMS Interoperability/Parent Portal Setup

In order to configure the Parent Portal function on Ultranet, access to the schools SMS Server will be required by our technicians in order to install the Ultranet Transport Service which enables data to flow between the SMS and Ultranet.

In order for this to happen we require the following information:

  • RDP Gateway Server Name

  • RDP Username and Password

  • SMS Server name

  • Confirmation that the user account has administrator level rights to the SMS Server

  • Proxy details (if appropriate)

This information can be provided either on our Setup Form or by contacting us on 0508 338 324 (option 4).

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