ClassSpace: Restoring a deleted class page


Should a Class page be accidentally deleted, a section is included in Ultranet which temporarily stores deleted pages.

Note that this section is occasionally cleared, so the below instructions should be used as a solution to undo a recent deletion error.

Restoring class pages can be performed in two different ways, depending on your user account type:

For teachers/administrators via the Dashboard

As a teacher or administrator with class access, you can restore deleted class pages yourself via the Dashboard.

  1. Sign in and go to your My Dashboard page.

  2. On the right navigation menu, select the "My Admin Tools" option.


  3. Next, make sure you are on the "My Deleted Class" tab. 


    Under this section, you will see a list of any class pages that you have deleted that are not yet permanently removed from your site. If there are many listed, you can shorten the list by using the Keyword Search, or the page type filters (SMS-deleted, User-deleted, Sub-Pages).


  4. If you find the page you want to restore, click on its "Restore/Delete" link to the right.


  5. In the pop-up window, check to ensure that the group permissions include at least one group you are currently a member of—either the original class or a other user permission group (otherwise you would restore a page to a location that you can't access anyway). 


    Once this is confirmed, click the "Restore" button at the bottom of the window, and the page will be restored to its original location in your class list.

For administrators only via Page Admin

Administrators can restore deleted class pages by going to Administration > Page Admin > Classes pending delete.


Hovering over the classroom will bring up two icon buttons to the right: the 'Home' icon to restore the page, and the 'Trash' icon to delete it permanently.


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