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The Ultranet News Centre functionality offers schools the ability to add news articles and/or school notices which can be part of the public website or held within the more private LMS area.  The Configuration interface allows sections to be configured with restricted read/write access, as well as establishing moderation rights for individual sections.


Creating a new section

To create a new News Centre Section within Ultranet, click on the edit icon within the News Centre and click Configuration. The current sections are displayed along the top of the subsequent window.  To add another, simply click on the + icon.


Use this window to select the appropriate group access settings:

  • Viewing Groups. These are the groups in Ultranet who will be able to access and read articles/notices posted in this section.

  • Contributing Groups. These are the groups in Ultranet who will be able to post articles/notices in this section.

  • Moderators Group. These are the groups in Ultranet who will receive moderation requests for articles/notices posted in this section. If left blank, then all posts will automatically display upon submission.

To add a group, select the group in the drop-down menu for each corresponding access setting, then click [Add].

To remove a group from any of the access settings above, hover over the group and use the trash can icon.

Click [Create Section] to complete the process. The new Section will now appear along the top of the screen.

Modifying or deleting sections

To modify the settings of an existing News Centre Section, use the same Configuration screen, select the section required from the list along the top, and make the necessary adjustments before clicking [Update Section].

To delete an existing News Centre section, use the same Configuration screen and select [Delete Section].

Warning: Deletion of News Centre Sections is non-reversible, and can only be undone through restoring the entire Ultranet application to a previous backup (if available). Therefore, please use this function with caution.

Altering the display of the News Centre

Schools may choose to display both news articles and school notices, or just one or the other. The Display Options link in the edit menu enables users to easy toggle between them.


  • Template 1: News articles on the left, school notices on the right

  • Template 2. School notices only.

  • Template 3. News articles only.

  • Template 4: School notices on the left, news articles on the right.

Choose the appropriate template and click [Update].

Note: If the News Centre is not used at all, it can be removed from the top navigation bar completely. To do this, go to Administration > Module Management > Enable/Disable Modules and disable the News Centre.
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