Resource Bookings - Resources

Resources need to be classified into categories, so ensure that the required category has been established first.

To create a new bookings resource, click on the Resources tab, then click [Create a new Resource].

Creating a resource

You will be prompted to enter a title and description for the resource, as well as specifying which category you would like to assign it to.

A moderator can be assigned to a resource if required. If enabled, it means any bookings made for this resource will need to be manually approved by the user assigned.

An image can also be assigned to the resource, to aid with visual identification of items. Click the ‘Browse' button to locate and upload the image required from your computer.

Click [Create this new Resource] to complete the process.

Viewing and modifying bookings resources

To view and modify an existing resource item’s details, click on the Resources tab, locate the category in the list, then click on its title.

The resulting pop-up window will display the item’s current title and description, assigned category and if a moderator has been assigned. The image can also be changed if required.

Click [Update this Category] to save any edits made.

Deleting a bookings resource

To delete an existing bookings resource, locate the relevant item on the Resources tab.

Once located, hover over the resource title and click the Trash icon to the right. This will delete the resources and all bookings made within it.

Warning: Deletion of resources is non-reversible, and can only be undone through restoring the entire Ultranet application to a previous backup (if available). Therefore, please use this function with caution.
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