Creating, Modifying, & Sorting Pages (Page Admin Section)

The Page Admin panel in the Administration section is used to manage your website's pages at the structural* level. It includes options for creating, moving and deleting pages, and setting access rights.
*To edit the navigation menu display on your website, click here

Creating and modifying Web Pages

  1. Go to the Administration section
  2. Click on [Create new Web Page]
  3. Enter a title for the new page. This page will be created at the main level of the page structure.


Sorting page order

To move a page, click and drag it to the new location. 
Menu items will automatically expand if you hover over them.

Visual indicators: A full width blue bar indicates that the page will appear at the same level as the surrounding pages. A shorter blue bar will appear if dropping onto another page, which will designate it as a sub page.


Sub pages can also be quickly created by hovering over an existing parent page title and clicking the Add Page icon to the right. The Trash icon allows pages to be deleted.

Viewing and modifying page details

To view an existing page’s details, click on the title of the page from the list.  The pop-up window will display the page access settings, page template and title, and sub pages for that page.


The tabs along the top of this window allow you to:

  • View and amend page access. This displays a list of groups that have access (either View, or View & Edit Rights) to the page.  To add or modify a group's access settings, search for the group in the drop-down list below, tick [Allow to Edit] if applicable, then click [Add]. To remove a group from the access list, simply hover over the group name and click the Trash icon.

  • View and amend page settings.  Here you can change the display template being used, and the page title.

  • View and amend subpages.  A list of subpages (if any) are displayed here, and can be re-arranged or deleted.  This is also the place to copy the access settings of the parent page down through all subpages.

  • Move pages. This setting gives the ability to move individual web pages, including sub pages, to a completely different menu branch. Guidance on this functionality can be found here.

  • Pages must always have at least one group attached to it.

  • Information about allowing parent access to ClassSpace areas can be found here.

Deleting a web page.

  1. Locate the relevant page.
  2. Hover over the page title.
  3. Click the Trash icon to the right. This will delete the entire page and all files/content stored within it.
Note: Deletion is non-reversible and must be performed with caution.
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