Group Admininistration

The Group Admin panel in the Administration section is used to manage the user groups within Ultranet. The interface includes options for creating and deleting groups, as well as viewing and modifying their user memberships.

Creating a new group


To manually create a new user group within Ultranet, click on the Add/Remove Group tab. Under the ‘Add new group’ section, enter in a new group name and click [Create group].

You will then be taken to the View Group tab for the new group, where you can then add users to the membership/toggle their uSpace status.

Note: Group names can only contain alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9), hyphens ( - ) and underscores ( _ ).

Group names are also not case-sensitive (i.e. “Room 01” and “room 01” are read as the same group).

Viewing group details and settings

To view the membership details of an existing group, click on the Select Group tab and enter a search keyword (full group name or characters within the group name). Once entered, click [Search] to present the search results in the space below.

Tip: Leave the search box blank and click [Search] to bring up a full list.

Clicking on the title of the intended group will take you to the View Group tab, where you can then view the group members. These can be sorted by name or User ID using the filter buttons provided, or viewed alphabetically using the letter buttons. Clicking on a user name will bring up their account details.

The options to bulk enable/disable uSpace and the Messaging Inbox for each group has been provided.

Group Options

Adding / removing users from groups

Once a group’s details have been brought up on the View Group tab, you can modify the memberships by clicking on the “Add / remove users” button on the top-right of the ‘Group Membership’ section.

To add a user, enter a keyword to search for the account. Results will be displayed directly beneath the search field. To add membership, click the “Add” button beside the user name. Conversely, user membership can be reversed by clicking the “Remove” button.

Add to group

Users can also be quickly removed on the View Group tab by hovering over the user name and clicking the Trash icon  to the right.

Deleting a group

To delete an existing user group, click on the Select Group tab and search for the group intended for deletion.

When the group has been found, hover over the group name and click the Trash icon to the right.

Note: Group deletion only removes the group, and not the members’ user accounts.

Bulk deletion of groups

To clear out user groups in bulk, click on the Add/Remove Group tab. Under the “Remove All groups” section, click on either [Remove all custom groups] or [Remove all SMS groups] or [Remove all empty groups] to execute the delete command.

Note: The ‘SMS group’ type is only available in Interoperability mode with a compatible SMS.
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