User Administration: Creating, Viewing, Editing, Customising, Monitoring, Disabling, Deleting Accounts.

User Admin used to manage all aspects of user accounts within Ultranet. The interface includes options for creating and deleting individual user accounts, as well as viewing and updating existing user details.

  1. Go to the Administration section.
  2. Click 'User Admin' (on the right).

Creating a new user account

Click on the Add new user tab. You will be prompted to enter a few basic details for the user.

Add new user

A button is provided to check if the User ID entered is already being used (duplicate User IDs are not allowed). To use this function, enter the User ID required, then click [Check availability].

NOTE: User IDs can only contain alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9), periods ( . ), hyphens ( - ) and underscores ( _ ).

The password provided will only be used for the user’s initial sign in. Once authenticated, the new user will be prompted on their Dashboard to update their password to something more personal or memorable.

NOTE: Passwords are case-sensitive.

The SMS ID is compulsory for all users, including teachers and administrator-teachers. Values for this are alphanumeric (a-z, A-Z, 0-9).  This ID will need to be accurate for students for mapping of students and parents when interoperability is enabled. For teachers, any number will suffice.

Year Levels are only required for students accounts, so all other account types are given the default value of “0”. 

Once all the details have been entered, click [Create Account] to complete the process.  This takes you to the View User tab, where other settings can be modified.

Viewing user account details

To view an existing user account, click on the Select User tab. You will be prompted to enter a search keyword (full name or characters within the name). Click [By Name] to perform the search.

Tip: Leave the search box blank and click [Search] to bring up a full list.

The [By Name] button has an attached dropdown list to enable you to perform an advanced search. Results will be displayed below the search field, and can be filtered alphabetically using the letter buttons provided or by account type.


When the user has been found in the search results, clicking on their name will bring up their details on the View User tab.

This panel will display the user’s display picture, personal and activity details, account status and group memberships.


Editing user details

Whilst viewing the user's details, click on the 'cog' icon on the top-right of their personal details and selecting [Edit details].


Customising users’ group memberships

Click on the “Add Group Membership” button on the top-right of their Group Membership details to add or remove memberships. To add a group, enter a keyword to search for the group. Results will be displayed directly beneath the search field. To add membership, click the “Add” button beside the group name. Conversely, group membership can be reversed by clicking the “Remove” button.

Group memberships can also be quickly removed on the View User tab by hovering over the group title and clicking the Trash icon to the right.

Tip: A user’s access to uSpace, the Messaging Centre and the Mobile App can be quickly toggled by clicking on the links beneath their display picture.

Resetting user passwords

The user's password can be reset by clicking on the 'cog' icon and selecting [Reset Password].


Passwords can be reset to a randomly generated password by clicking on [Reset to Random]. The new password will be emailed to the address specified. To set a specific password, enter the new password in the fields provided and click [Reset to selected]. A checkbox is provided if an email with the new password is required to be sent to the user at the address specified.

Viewing user activity and usage

Whilst viewing the user's details, it is also possible to view the individual's usage over the year (and filter by month). This is useful in understanding the frequency the user is logging on, but also the time of day.

Individual user usageIndividual time of day usage


It may be necessary to view recent activity for a particular user. This can be exported in a raw (but readable) form, and can include items in the Messaging Inbox and any comments added throughout the site. As this may include a lot of data, use the calendar to narrow down the range.

Get Activity

Disabling / enabling an account

If it is necessary to disable a user's account, this can be done by clicking the "Account slide switch" below the profile picture. This will prevent the user from signing in to Ultranet, but they will still be able to access the Public pages. To re-enable a disabled account, repeat this process.

Note: Disabled accounts don't appear in the User Admin search unless 'Disabled Accounts' is ticked next to the search box.

Deleting an existing account

To delete a user's account, click on the 'cog icon and select [Delete account]. This will remove all of their account details from the database, including all their files uploaded to Ultranet/uSpace.

User accounts can also be quickly removed from Ultranet on the Select User tab by hovering over the user name and clicking the Trash icon to the right.

Warning: Deletion of accounts is non-reversible, and can only be undone through restoring the entire Ultranet application to a previous backup (if available). Therefore, please use this function with caution.
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