General Configuration

The General Config panel in the Administration section is used to specify the basic setup and installation details for your Ultranet site. Some of the parameters supplied here will personalise the appearance and operation of the system, whilst others help it to integrate into your network if running locally. 


 Customising site settings and information

To view or update the default Ultranet settings, click on the General Settings tab. You will be presented with a series of values that can be modified as required:

  • Site Details. You can specify your school name in this section. 

  • Page Details. The default Ultranet home page and title settings can be modified here, as well as a toggle to enable Unicode mode for the page editor (allows support for international character sets such as Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, etc). The iframe parameter controls whether page content created in the Page Editor is enclosed within an iframe or not—enable this if you are using advanced styling or HTML that may affect the main Ultranet framework.

  •  User Restrictions. Here you can restrict students from resetting passwords and email addresses on their dashboards, and list any email address to be ignored when the "Forgotten Password" feature is used on the log in screen.

  •  Email Details. This provides details for the email service built in to Ultranet, which is used for password resets and user alerts / reminders. It is recommended that the send-from address is checked periodically to ensure that incorrect email accounts or delivery failure messages are picked up.  Here you can also configure the automatic emails that are sent out.

  • URL Links. You can specify the URLs used to access your Ultranet site here (locally installed Ultranets may have a different internal address). The URLs entered here will be used in the default email sent when accounts are created/modified.

  • Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.

To update a field, click its “Edit” button to the right. Once you have made the necessary changes, click “Update” to save.

Note: Hosted Ultranet sites utilise the Mail Server provided via the hosting service. This value should read: “EDHOST-USMTP”, and will not need to be modified.
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